Frozen Seafood & Meat Cutting Services in Tonasket, Washington

Allow us to provide custom meat cutting services at our company in Tonasket, Washington, that also sells frozen seafood and extra lean ground beef products.

fish fillet on cutting board

Frozen Seafood
Are you more fond of surf than turf?  Double S Meats, Inc. offers an ocean of quality seafood that is restaurant quality.  If you have something in mind, but we do not stock it, we can special order it for you. We also sell seafood in bulk sizes.
Some of the seafood we provide includes:

• Salmon
• Clams
• Cod
• Oysters
• Halibut
• Crab
• Shrimp

• Lobster

Custom Meat Cutting & Wrapping
After the hunt, bring your game into us, and we'll process the meat for you.  We can custom-cut wild game and farm fresh animals to your specifications in a clean environment.  We currently charge .75 cents per pound for custom cutting and wrapping.  Our custom smoking rate is $1.75 per pound plus the market value for any pork trim added for custom sausages.  If you want your bacons sliced we add $5.00 per bacon for that service.  Our butchers create retail sausages, such as German sausage, summer sausage, and Polish sausage, along with pepper stick and jerky.

Extra Lean Ground Beef Products
Double S Meats, Inc. provides one-and-a-half pound extra lean ground beef products.  Our patties come in a box ready to cook.  These ground beef delights are made from whole meat muscle with no preservatives or additives.  Patties come in a variety of package options, including:

• Two Patties to a Pound (2 to 1) 

• Three Patties to a Pound (3 to 1)

• Four Patties to a Pound (4 to 1) • Six Patties to a Pound (6 to 1)


hamburger patties on wooden paddle

Contact us for more information about our butcher shop that provides custom meat cutting services.